Toyota FJ60 LandCruiser


I would first like to say thank you for visiting the site. This site will give you recommendations and advise for modifying your stock FJ60.  I bought this 1983 FJ60 just over 2 1/2 years ago stock with just over 150K miles on it.  I got it for a considerably good price since most of the 60’s were going for just about $4500.  I did save some money on the purchase but the savings was short lived. 

The previous owner claimed to have built several FJ40’s and a few FJ60’s although judging from the crapy mechanic work done on the Cruiser, I have sent a couple of thousand of dollars in parts to get it running correctly. Needless to say many hours and cracked knuckles later I have got the Cruiser running in it’s current condition.

I hope you enjoy site and tread lightly!


Welcome to the site!